Amazing Story of the 101 Ranch: The Largest Ranch in America

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A fascinating story of the 101 Ranch, from its early formation until it’s termination in 1939. This study documents the dream to reality perseverance of ranch founder George Washington Miller and how he turned a worthless property into a small, self-sufficient city and in the process contributed to major innovations in farming and ranching that helped build the American farm industry today.


“ This is a wonderfully focused piece of historical analysis, accessible in terms of its type of scholarship…what is much explored herein is the fact that the 101 Ranch was a marvel of advancements…It is a history of a “brand” and how it should be marketed…”
-Dr. Glen Reynolds,
University of Sunderland,
Independent Scholar

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Early Beginning
From Kentucky to Kansas
First Ranch
Second Ranch
Cattle brand and Naming of the Ranch
Final Ranch
Chapter 2 – Ranch Begins to Grow
Wilkes Booth Miller
John Fish Miller
Alma Miller
Joseph Carson Miller
Zachery Taylor
George Lee Miller
Chapter 3 – Overall View of the Ranch
The White House
The General Store
The Café and Dining Hall
Unique Industries to the 101
The School and Church
The Wheel Club
Chapter 4 – The 101 Ranch Attracts Tourists
Advertising for Tourists
Famous Visitors
Tony the bear
Annual Terrapin Derby
Chapter 5 – First a Cattle Ranch
Better Breed of cattle
Packing Plant
Chapter 6 – The Ranch Becomes Diversified
Wheat Crops
Corn Crops
Feed Crops
Cotton Crops
Forage Crops
Vegetable Crops
Fruit Crops
Pecan and Walnut Trees
Chapter 7 – Overview of Oil Exploration
101 Ranch Oil Company
Drilling the First Well
Natural Gas Well
Hitting Oil
Building a Refinery
Chapter 8 – Problems Begin
Questionable Accounting Practices
Problems with the Law
Too Many leases
Cost of the Wild West Show
Natural Disasters
Problems Mount

Chapter 9- Beginning of the End
Death of George Washington Miller
Controversy Surrounding G.W.’s Death
Death of Molly Miller
Death of Joseph Carson Miller
Controversy Surround Joe’s Death
Death of Bessie Herberg Carter Blackwell Ranch after Joe’s Death
Death of George Lee Miller
Controversy Surrounding George Lee’s Death
Zach’s Ranch Problem
Ranch Goes into Receivership
Chapter 10 – Zach’s Difficult Position
Clarke Cheats the Ranch
Zach Asks for More Time
The Poncas Heal Zach
Court Battle with Ex-Wife
Capone and the 101 Ranch
Zach Tries to Save the Ranch
Zacxh Loses the Ranch
Ranch Destroyed
Zach Leaves Oklahoma
Death of Zachary Carson Miller
Epilogue-Cursed or Not
Destructive Fires on the 101
Attempts to Preserve the Ranch
Spirits Residing on the 101
The 101 Ranch Today
Endnotes / Bibliography / Index

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