Alain-Fournier and Le Grand Meaulnes (The Wanderers)

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This groundbreaking volume revolutionizes the field of Fournier studies. His life is discussed and his interest in Primitivism is shown for the first time. Le grand Meaulnes is show to be a Primitivist novel, and its structure is explained. It discusses literary influences on the novel as well as the literary influence that the novel has had on the works of other writers. Most significantly the novel is viewed within its proper historical context for the first time.


"There is much to recommend a careful reading of Alain-Fournier and Le grand Meaulnes. Ford explanation of the structural unity in the work is convincing, and in the process, he succeeds in reevaluating several aspects of characterization and of Fournier's use of linear time. Devotees of Le grand Meaulnes will find themselves reading the book in a new light and with a heightened understanding and respect for the skill Fournier brought in creating this true masterpiece of French literature." – Lewis J. Overaker

Table of Contents

Table of contents: Preface; Epineuil-le-Fleuriel; Alain-Fournier: schoolyears; Alain-Fournier: in the military; Alain-Fournier: journalist, writer; Critical Reactions; May 29, 1913; Primitivism; Structure; Influences; Dostoevsky; Multiple Perspectives; Meaulnes, Jasmin, Francois, References; Endnotes; Works Cited; Index

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