Air Passenger Routes in Hub and Spoke Networks

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“Dr. Wei Song… has made another milestone in expanding the hub-and-spoke model for analyzing the post-deregulation of air traffic. The book is thoroughly researched, well organized, and rigorously analyzed. The book will be of great interest to researchers and policy makers alike…. Presents the first detailed and systematic survey and synthesis of the economies of airline hub-and-spoke networks, in terms of their nature, format and extent in a book format. The manuscript provides readers with a clear documentation on the benefits of the hub-and-spoke structure to both air carriers and travelers. Dr. Song also generated strong empirical evidence on the effects of airline operation factors, the characteristics of hub networks, particularly their passenger implications.” – Daniel Z. Sui, Professor and Holder of the Reta A. Haynes Endowed Chair, Texas A&M University

“In this book Professor Song explores some of the aspects of the impact of the re-organization of the domestic network from one that was heavily regulated and fostered a direct-flights structure to one that is highly structured hierarchically, the hub and spoke system…. Song deals with aspects of both, although his major thrust is on modeling travel behavior…. The findings, the insights and the conclusions in this book make a significant contribution to our understanding of airline passenger behavior and should be of considerable interest to a readership from the realm of air transportation research, planning and, particularly, management.” – John C. Lowe, Professor Emeritus, The George Washington University

“… organized, well written, and easy to read and comprehend…. Song develops his thoughts in a logical process, weaving in economic and operation factors leading to the development of the ‘hub and spoke’ route pattern for US domestic airlines since deregulation…. The graphics employed by Song add clarity to the textual material, are crisp, well drawn, and portray the data correctly….the conclusions reached [are] important to the US airline industry.” – Curtis W. Richards, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
1. Introduction: Hub Network Design and Optimization Analysis; Impact Analysis on Airline Operation
2. Economies of Airline Hub and Spoke Networks and Implications (traffic density; convenience; passenger benefits; diseconomies; congestion and delay, dominance and monopoly price)
3. Direct or Stopped Trips: Relationship between Routing and origin-Destination Distance and Departure Airports
4. Domestic Airline Pricing Analysis
5. A Model of Aggregate Passenger Route Analysis
6. Results of Empirical Passenger Route Analysis
7. Conclusions and Future Research
Appendices: 31 major passenger airports; airport codes and cities
Bibliography; Index

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