African American Father. A Survey of Recent Scholarly Research

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Written as a resource for faculty and practitioners in the preparation of undergraduate and graduate social work students and others working with this population. It is intended that the resource information provided in this book will serve as a foundation for future research on African American Fatherhood and studies involving fatherhood among other ethnic populations. This important volume provides a critical investigation into topics scantly discussed in the research literature.


“This timely volume covers a wide range of topical areas including but not limited to The Myth of the Missing fathers, defining African American fatherhood, perceptions of fatherhood, capacities of fathers, voices of fathers, fatherhood programs, and father-daughter relationships. This is a remarkable book, an extensive bibliography, and tremendous resource for both teaching and research rolled into one.”
-Desiree Stepteau-Watson, Ph.D. LCSW,
Associate Professor Department of Social Work,
College of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Table of Contents

Foreword by Desiree Stepteau-Watson
Chapter One: Defining African American Fatherhood
-Andre Lewis, LCSW
Historical Changes in Fatherhood and Father Roles
Conceptualizing, Defining, and Measuring Father Involvement
Lamb’ Three Paternal Function Framework
Critique of Lamb’s Framework
African American Fatherhood and Fathering
Toward a Definition of African American Fatherhood
African American Fathers and Families
African American Culture
African American Family Defined
Chapter References
Chapter Two: Perceptions of African American Fatherhood Involvement
-Timothy A. Neyland, Ph.D. and Shonda K. Lawrence, Ph.D.
Stereotype of African American Fathers
African American Fathers and Child Support
Societal Challenges of African American Fathers
Socio-Economic Status
Responsible Fathering
Custodial Status
Perceptions of Fatherhood Roles
Chapter References
Chapter Three: Roles, Responsibilities and Capacity: African American men Discuss the Tools, Resources, and Supports Facilitating Engaged in Fatherhood
-Armon R. Perry, Ph.D. and Wanda Lott Collins, Ph.D.
Fathering Priorities, Practices, and Challenges
Follow the Leader
Taking Care of Business
What’s in your Toolbox?
Chapter References
Chapter Four:What fathers need and what is available: A needs assessment of fathering programs.
-Jeffrey Shears Ph.D., Joshua Kirven, Ph.D. and Kathryn Grimsley, MSW
Current Data
Assessing Needs of Fathers
Current Study
Recommendations and Implications
Chapter References
Chapter Five: Fathers screaming SOS to the deaf ears of a hostile system: Narrative reflections from detached dads.
-Joshua Kirven, Ph.D.
The Dynamics of Fathering
Dads Stepping Up
Daddy Distance
Psychological Distress and Structural Detachment
Combating Legal Hostility
Qualitative Study- Dads Shout Out Sessions (SOS)
Limitations of Study
Future Implications and Recommendations
Chapter References
Chapter Six: Taking care of daddy’s princess: An inside look into the unique relationship and dynamics of a father and daughter.
-Joshua Kirven, Ph.D., and Michael Williams, Ph.D.-MPH
Diversity of Black Fathers
Historical Perspective
Current State of Affairs with Dads
Daddy Distance
Dads in Parenting Distress
Dads Stepping Up
A Dads Stepping Up
A Dad’s Influence and Involvement
Long-Term Male Romantic Relationships
Views of the Opposite Sex
A Reflection of a Dad in the Midst of Fatherhood
Implications and Recommendations for Future Study
Chapter References

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