Addressing Misconceptions About Africa's Development

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These essays re-open the debate on certain accepted notions about African economic underdevelopment problems.


"... critically re-examines the validity of the notions, observing that notions about Africa'a underdevelopment are misconceptions that impede the development process."

Table of Contents

Part I: General Introduction
1. Misconceptions about African's Underdevelopment and Development (Benjamin Ofori-Amoah and Senyo B-S. K. Adjibolosoo)

Part II: Social Issues
2. Population as a Cause of Africa's Economic Underdevelopment: Myth or Reality? (Benjamin Ofori-Amoah and Senyo B-S. K. Adjibolosoo)
3. Social Inequality and Africa's Underdevelopment: A Critical Assessment (Francis Adu-Febiri)
4. The Failure of Socialist Experiments in Africa: Misconceptions, Myths and Realities (Francis Adu-Febiri)

Part III: Gender, Environment and Rural Development
5. Environment and Gender-Based Development Strategies: New Development Directions or Another False Start (Benjamin Ofori-Amoah)
6. The Gender Factor in Rural Energy Systems in Africa: Some Evidence from Ghana (William W. Osei)
7. African Traditional Medicine: Dangerous, Anachronistic or Panacea? (Joseph R. Oppong)
8. Some Misconceptions of Agricultural Production, Population and Land Resources in Africa (Godson C. Obia)

Part IV: Regional Economic Development Issues
9. Achieving a Cooperative Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Voluntary Piecemeal Harmonization Process (Senyo B-S. K. Adjibolosoo)
10. Growth Centers and Regional Development in Africa: Failure or Another Missed Opportunity (Benjamin Ofori-Amoah)
11. The Cold War Reconsidered: The Politics of Survival in Africa (Boniface Y. Gebe)

Part V: Structural Adjustment and Development
12. The Myth of Development under Ghana's Structural Adjustment Program: The Evidence from the Formal Wood Processing Sector (J. Henry Owusu)
13. Ghana's Economic Reform Program: A Model for other African Countries? (Joe W. Essuman)
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