Actuality and Provisionality Eternity and Election in the Theology of Karl Barth

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This work posits that while Barth's theology cannot be reduced to a single theme, examining interrelated aspects of his thought will expose common and recurring themes such as his concept of eternity and his doctrine of Election, which lead to the very center of his understanding of the being, will and action of God.


"Provides sharp observations about the more sweeping criticisms of Barth, and shows that this supposedly `extreme' theologian produces a far more nuanced and subtle account of such topics as the relations of incarnation and atonement, creation and redemption, grace and freedom, than do those who have read and moved rapidly on to provide their own one-sided `improvements'. Moltman and Pannenberg, in particular, come in for interesting and pointed questioning. Here is not, however, an uncritical celebration of Barth . . . . The publication of this work is to be much welcomed as a valuable contribution to Barth scholarship." - from the Foreword by Professor Colin E.Gunton

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