Achilles’ Memoirs

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Imagined scenario of the intimate details of Achilles’ story describing the events that led to the Trojan war and defeat of Hector.


"In his new work, Woodstock playwright and poet H. N. Levitt fuses his two loves drama and verse to create a book-length monologue that sees to fill in all the interior angst Homer left out of the Iliad. It is at once an ambitious and personal retelling of the Achilles myth with a decidedly 20th century spin. . . . the long, free-verse poem is written in a style that lies somewhere between formal and conversational. Its tone gives it the ring of dramatic speech, and the author allows that the work could be adapted for the stage. With an emphasis on story rather than form, regular five-line stanzas help organize the poem’s sounds and casual rhythms. . . . It is less in the lists of ancient names than in the fatalistic language used sparingly, but well, that the poet conveys his love for and affinity with his source material." Woodstock Times

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