Account Book for the Borough of Swansea, Wales, 1640-1660 a Study in Local Administration During the Civil War and Interregnum

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"Swansea in Stuart times is a particularly attractive field of study since its municipal archives are rich and voluminous, and Michael Price's carefully edited study. . . is a valuable piece of work. . . . offers insights into the daunting administrative, financial and social problems which confronted local officials during 'distempered and bedlam times'. The volume is handsomely produced. . . " - The English Historical Review

" . . . the survival of these records, particularly the earlier ones, some of which have few parallels elsewhere in South Wales, constitutes a unique treasure which offers much scope for study. . . . The publication of this book . . . is one of the first attempts to make a corpus of these early borough records, in this case from the Stuart period, available to a general readership. . . . a comparatively complete and virtually unique class of information relating to a principal Welsh town during an important historical period has been competently transcribed and made readily available. The paucity of similar contemporary financial records for other Welsh towns serves to underscore the importance of this source material which, as the author has rightly observed, affords an interesting insight into an otherwise obscure aspect of local economic and administrative history. . . . Mr. Price has undertaken a considerable task as his first assignment and has provided a very valuable foundation on which to build." - Religion

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