A TRANSLATION OF LA CONJURACIÓN DE VENECIA, AÑO 1310 / THE VENETIAN CONSPIRACY OF THE YEAR 1310: A Drama in Five Acts by Francisco Martínez De La Rosa (1834 Madrid)

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An example of romanticist drama, this play is based on an actual rebellion against the government of Venice and the Doge, Pietro Gradenigo, on June 15, 1310. The author, Martínez de la Rosa, based this play on the event, setting it around a young couple passionately in love.


". . . to deny La conjuración de Venecia its rightful place in the Spanish Romantic canon is to ignore the work’s rich Romantic themes and motifs, as well as the context in which it was written and staged. Trimble, however, goes to great lengths to give Martínez de la Rosa’s drama “an imminent place in the Romantic criterion,” as he states in his Introduction, and his translation successfully captures the Romantic flavor of the work. Having read many Spanish works in translation, I have found that it is common for translators to take liberties in translating from the original Spanish text into English. Trimble’s translation, however, is refreshingly faithful to the original work. In the few instances in which characters speak in verse, for example, Trimble favors an accurate translation over rhyme pattern without sacrificing the flow that is characteristic of verse. Most importantly, Trimble’s choice of words portrays the strong emotional feeling that one finds in Spanish Romantic dramas. Any student of Spanish Romanticism unable to read the original, Spanish-speaking text can be assured that, in reading this translation, she or he will not be at a disadvantage and will certainly gain an appreciation for Spanish Romantic theater from Trimble’s careful and accurate translation." – Prof. Mark Harpring, University of Puget Sound

“Dr. Trimble does very well to point out that The Venetian Conspiracy is probably more important historically than intrinsically. There is no sense in creating dramatic expectations that the work does not fulfill. That said, the historical importance – and hence its value to all comparative and national literary study–of the work cannot be underestimated.” – Prof. Stephen Miller, Texas A&M University

“The text is a pleasure to read by virtue of its clarity and succinctness while preserving at the same time the stylistic features characteristic of Romantic drama. Trimble’s introduction is specifically directed to people unfamiliar with Spanish literature, thus providing useful information on the historical Venetian conspiracy of 1310, the author and the play. In sum, Dr. Trimble is to be commended once again for his superb job in making available to Anglophone readers yet another specimen of the fine literature produced in Spain during the Romantic period.” – Prof. Toni Dorca, Macalester College

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