A New Translation of Miguel De Unamuno's Tres Historias Más ( Three Stories More)

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The translations constitute an important step in benefitting Anglophone scholars and readers with a careful and impeccable translation of three short lesser-known Unamuno masterpieces. These stories keenly explore our struggle as human beings to find meaning and definition within ourselves by bringing the reader closer to Unamuno’s frame of mind and spirit.

This excellent work constitutes a new and important contribution to the field of Unamuno scholarship by making these three long ignored gems available to the English reader and by providing the reader with an authentic Unamunian experience remaining true to the idiosyncrasies in his style and grammar where possible.


“Alexander Waid’s translation makes these short stories accessible to the monolingual reader in a way that allows for the preservation of the philosophical complexity and the linguistic authenticity of the Spanish original. By staying as faithful as possible to the original text…The translation itself, beautifully and painstakingly executed, is also accompanied by footnotes which further explain the meaning of certain words or expressions and clarify the author’s worldview by providing important contextual and cultural considerations.”
-Professor Estrella Cibreiro,
College of the Holy Cross

“Professor Waid’s excellent translation remains true to Miguel de Unamuno’s voice. His careful reading of Unamuno allows readers of English an opportunity to engage with a great Spanish thinker on his own terms. English and Spanish language readers will be taken on a journey to Unamuno’s Spain in Unamuno’s time. Anglophone students and Hispanist scholars alike benefit from this new facing translation. What stands out in Dr. Waid’s work is the attention to linguistic and cultural details that make Unamuno such a true Spaniard. That Professor Waid was able to convey this in English is a testament to his dedication to reaching an authentic Unamunian perspective. This impressive translation is a must-have for any serious Unamunian library. It brings back to life three stories that were on the brink of being forgotten and breathes new life into them. Unamuno’s world is alive and well in both Spanish and English in Professor Waid’s translation.For readers who are looking to explore Miguel de Unamuno’s works or for Hispanist scholars looking to broaden their expertise in their field, Dr. Waid’s translation is an excellent introduction to a thinker whose thought so greatly influenced all of the major 20th Century Spanish writers and thinkers.
-Professor Luis M. Gonzalez,
Chair and Associate Professor Hispanic Studies,
Connecticut College

"Prof. Alex Waid's bilingual edition of three of Unamuno's short stories is a fantastic contribution to the field of Spanish studies. These stories are remarkable literary works on their own right, and everybody who approaches them will be surprised by Unamuno's skill in creating deep existentialist tales that question basic tenets of the modern human condition. Which is to say that the scope of these stories go beyond the Spanish intellectual landscapes, and should be considered within the larger field of European intellectual history. Prof. Waid's translation does full justice to the richness of Unamuno's thought and style."
-Antonio Cordoba,Assistant Professor
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures,
Manhattan College

"Dr. Alexander Waid’s impeccable translation of The Story of Don Sandalio, a Chess Player, “A Love Story” and “A Poor Rich Man” is certainly a must-read for Unamunian scholars, students, and the general public interested in the fascinating prose of the Spanish author and philosopher. Dr. Waid's thorough understanding of Unamuno’s philosophical precepts and his deep knowledge and appreciation for the Basque writer’s works becomes evident in this new rendering of Unamuno’s short- stories. Dr. Waid’s ability to keep faithful to Unamuno’s ideas and to the tones and undertones expressed in his writings is commendable. In spite of this closeness to the original texts, his English version maintains fluency, effectiveness and elegance. Furthermore, it is a real pleasure and joy to read this fresh rendering of Unamuno’s works into English, a much needed translation effort that will be greatly appreciated by all those who undertake the study of Unamuno’s thrilling fictional and philosophical world.
Besides providing a remarkable translation of three of Unamuno’s celebrated works, Dr. Waid offers an insightful and witty introduction that highlights the writer’s main topics and ideas and situates the three pieces in the broader context of the authors’ works. Moreover, he includes useful and illuminating footnotes that help readers navigate the complex and amazing Unamunian universe.
In such a delicate field as the translation arena, loyalty to the original text and its ambience, accuracy and resourcefulness in the choice of words, and creativity and grace in the construction of the sentence are qualities much sought after by literary translators. I can say without hesitation that all these characteristics are present in Dr. Waid’s outstanding work, and that his translation of "The Story of Don Sandalio, Chess Player", “A Love Story” and “A Poor Rich Man” will become an indispensable tool for the study of Don Miguel de Unamuno’s works."
-Professor Elizabeth Rivero
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Professor of Spanish Language and Literature

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