A Dictionary of Rivers of the World: Names, Locations, Lengths, and Mouths (Two Volume Set)

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Dr. Larry Miller has produced a compilation and Dictionary on the rivers of the world. It narrows the listings to the locations of the rivers, lengths, and the places that are located on the river itself.


“But in reality, their importance is disproportionate to this apparent lack of acknowledgement. Consider just a few of the many uses to which they are, or have been, put: a source of drinking water for man and beast; recreation; transportation; and hydroelectric power. For all their potential for destructive force, rivers – kept reasonably free of pollution – serve an indefinitely greater purpose for positive exploitation.”
From the Compiler’s Statement

Table of Contents

Compiler’s Statement

How to Use this book

Main body of entries

Appendix I: Abbreviations used in this book

Appendix II: Name-explanations of selected U.S. rivers

Appendix III: The word ‘river’ in selected languages

Appendix IV: Twenty longest rivers of the world

Appendix V: Acknowledgements

Appendix VI: Glossary

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