A Concordance of Pablo Picasso’s French Writings ( Two Book Set)

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This concordance is part of several volumes that encompass both the Spanish and French lexical items in Picasso's poems. Due to the tumultuous nature of Picasso’s writings, many are difficult to read, and a comprehensive concordance serves as a necessary accompaniment to understanding the multiple values of specific words in diverse contexts. (Two Volume Set)


“. . . thanks to Mallen, one can conceive of all [Picasso’s] spheres from a completely different perspective: not that of the historian or the art critic who approaches Picasso’s production to examine it, but rather something much more illuminating: the intellect of the author himself, who exposes his heart with a vocabulary rich in subtleties while simultaneously in direct contact with his parallel work in other media.” – Rafael Inglada, Fundación Picasso

"“. . . Mallen’s concordance is essential, in that it allows users to identify the lexicon Picasso used and to link it to specific graphic images in his oeuvre.”– Prof. Eduardo Espina, Texas A&M University

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