A Comparative Study of Social and Religious Movements in Norway, 1780s-1905

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This study includes three social movements: the Lofthus revolt, the Thrane movement, and the early labor movement; and two religious movements: the Hauge movement and Norwegian Methodism. The analysis examines how they mobilized resources to reach their goals, the external and internal factors that influenced their degrees of success and failure, and the interactions and exchanges between them. It uses a combination of resource mobilization theory and political process theory for analysis.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface; Foreword; Introduction
Part I: Theory and Methods
1. Studying Social and Religious Movements
2. Research Questions, Methods and Data
Part II: The Lofthus Revolt and the Hauge Movement
3. History of the Movements
4. The Environmental Context
5. Ideology, Goals and Strategies
6. Leadership and Organization
7. Social Composition
8. Recruitment and Socialization
9. Repression and Conflict
10. Movement Outcomes and Connections
11. Summary
Part III: The Thrane Movement and Norwegian Methodism
12. History
13. Environmental Context
14. Ideology, Goals and Strategies
15. Leadership and Organization
16. Social Composition
17. Recruitment and Socialization
18. Repression and Conflict
19. Movement Outcomes and Connections
20. Summary
Part IV: The Early Labor Movement
21. History
22. Environmental Context
23. Ideology, Goals and Strategies
24. Leadership and Organization
25. Recruitment and Socialization
26. Summary
Part V: Conclusion
27. Summary and Conclusions
Appendix; Bibliography; Index

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