Kuburic, Zorica

Dr Zorica Kuburi? is a fulltime professor of Sociology of Religion and Sociology of Education at the Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad,Serbia, and president of the Center for the Empirical Research of Religion. She holds her Ph.D. in Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.
She is a lecturer at the Center for Women’s Studies in Novi Sad, and guest lecturer at different Theological Faculties in the region. She has launched different projects concerning religion, religious education, and pluralism, and participated in various scientific projects. In her academic career, she researched the religious and civic education, religious and social distance, and attitudes concerning religious tolerance, religiosity of youth, state policies toward religious minorities and the position of women within religious communities and has published more than 10 books and 150 scientific articles concerning the mentioned issues.

Self-Image of Adolescents in the Protestant Family: A Study of Seventh-Day Adventist Families in Predominantly Orthodox Serbia
2013 0-7734-4331-2
The subject of this research is the analysis of Protestant family life and its effect on the self-image development of adolescents in Yugoslavian society which underwent a rapid transition from general animosity toward religion to overwhelming dominance of a traditional church. Within this environment the Protestant family is doubly condemned.
This book, based on empirical research and backed up by theoretical studies, seeks to examine psychological and social consequences of growing up in these conditions: how it affects their self-image, social relationships, mental health, social adjustment, but also their own religious views. Although based on experiences of Adventist families, the findings of this research are not restricted only to this Protestant group or to Protestantism in general.

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