Polsky, Yury

Dr. Yury Polsky is Professor of Political Science at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and has published articles on Russian foreign policy and domestic politics. He was born in Russia, graduated from Moscow State University and worked at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations in Moscow. Dr. Polsky immigrated to the US and earned a doctorate in Political Science at the University of Michigan.

Russia During the Period of Radical Change, 1992-2002
2002 0-7734-6940-0
This book is focused on current economic, political and cultural affairs in Russia. It is hoped that students of international politics in general and all avid Russia-watchers will acquire from this volume a better grasp of what is going on there, and what we might expect to see in Russia in the foreseeable future. Important events of Russian history are presented, the knowledge of which is necessary in order to assess the present situation in Russia. The following treatment is not a full inventory of events. Rather, it is a summary of what is commonly known to Russians and should be known to every student of Russian politics and culture.

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