Yakovets, Yu. V.

Past and the Future of Civilizations
2000 0-7734-3162-4

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Russian Cyclism: Anticipating the 21st Century
1999 0-7734-3223-X
Academician Yu. Yakovets, winner of the gold Kondratyev medal, presents the origin and history of the interdisciplinary school of Russian cyclism founded by Nikolay Kondratyev, Pitirim Sorokin, Alexander Chizhevskii, Vladimir Vernadskii, Alexander Bogdanov, and Nikolay Berdyaev. Giving an account of the theory of cycles and crises, the author applies this to the future forecasting the chief trends of the twenty-first century. This includes a discussion of post-industrial society formation, the struggle or partnership of civilizations, and new functions of the state in a rapidly changing world. This is the first publication of its kind containing many original insights about the present and future.

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