Sharapov, Y.P.

Lenin and Bogdanov: From Cooperation to Opposition
1999 0-7734-3217-5
The monograph centers on the comparison of the lives of Lenin and Bogdanov, confronting their political trajectories in the first quarter of the 20th century. In the few last years the name of A.A. Bogdanov emerged from oblivion, many of his works were re-published, including the famous two-volume “Tectology”, the book that anticipated cybernetics. The author attempts “to look at Lenin through Bogdanov, and to look at Bogdanov through Lenin”, shedding light on the historical details of the relations between the former companions-in-arm who became irreconcilable ideological opponents. Focusing on the activities of Lenin and Bogdanov, the author examines the problem of the relations between revolutionary and evolutionary ways of development of Russian society in that epoch. In Russian

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