Kim, Yoon Kyung

Dr. Yoon Kyung Kim, an independent scholar, completed her Th.M degree from Calvin Theological Seminary and Ph.D from Saint Louis University.

Augustine's Changing Interpretations of Genesis 1-3
2006 0-7734-5670-8
This book investigates and compares Augustine’s two commentaries on the opening chapters of Genesis: De Genesi contra Manicheos, his first scriptural exegesis, and De Genesi ad Litteram, the final and monumental version of his exploration of the creation. The book shows how Augustine’s exegesis of Genesis 1-3 progressed in the two commentaries. In so doing, the book suggests that there are two main factors to explain his progress: his notions of history and of the scriptures, which were developed and clarified during the period of the interval between the two commentaries.

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