Schenk, Wolfgang

Kommentiertes Lexikon Zum Vierten Evangelium. Seine Textkonstituenten in Ihren Syntagmen Und Wortfeldern
1993 0-7734-2386-9
This lexicon constitutes an indispensable linguistic handbook on the Fourth Gospel as a prerequisite for a regular commentary. It provides a comprehensive presentation of the style of this gospel. The text constituents are described first as syntasms within the Gospel of John and then in form of specific johannine work-fields. Its emphasis is on the semantic interpretation in its syntagmatic as well as paradigmatic relations. The lexical entries are alphabetically arranged. First statistical records are given, and then follows the semantic and syntactic commentary on each entry. The numerous cross-references within the Gospel of John are of special value to the interpreter who wants to understand the typical johannine language, its setting and thus its specific theology. In German

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