Durland, William

Dr. William Durland is a retired Professor of Philosophy, History, and Government and a Civil Rights attorney. He received his Ph.D. in Religious and Political Philosophy from Union Graduate School at Antioch College and J.D. from Georgetown University Law School. Dr. Durland was the recipient of Colorado's 1999 MLK Jr., "Humanitarian Award" and Bucknell University's 2013 "Service to Humanity" award. He is the author of eight books and seven plays.

Demise of American Democracy: Explaining the Crisis and What to Do About It
2016 1-4955-0439-5
“In this important book, Dr. Durland draws on his vast research and experience to make the case for the danger to democracy from our present political climate. It is a compelling case, presented fairly and clearly. His personal stories add unexpected depth and breadth and fascination.”
-Dr. Linda Seger,
Author and Consultant

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William Penn, James Madison and the Historical Crisis in American Federalism
2000 0-7734-7698-9
This study alerts American citizens to the danger of the demise of American government, as it was conceived by the founders and framers. The books traces the rise of the American nation and its unique governmental creation – a delicate balance of republicanism, democracy, federalism and constitutionalism. It examines William Penn’s attempt to establish a “Holy Experiment” an utopian yet practical government, and then the new constititution which James Madison called the “American Experiment”. The book follows the daily steps of the deliberations and conversations of the participants in the Constitutional Convention of 1787. The study culminates in an examination of the third attempt at confederacy in American and new efforts to replace national government with a controlling global economy.

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