Belfiglio, Valentine J.

About the author: Dr. Belfiglio received his PhD from the University of Oklahoma. He is Professor of Government at the Texas Woman’s University. He has written six books and more than 100 articles, and has been the recipient of many prizes and grants, including the C. K. Chamberlain Award for excellence in historical research and writings. He served in the US Army, was a Hospital Unit Training Officer during the Vietnam War, and is currently a lieutenant colonel in the Texas State Guard. His biography appears in the current edition of Who’s Who in America.

Study of Ancient Roman Amphibious and Offensive Sea-Ground Task Force Operations
2001 0-7734-7558-3
This unique volume explores Roman amphibious warfare from the assault against Carthage in 204 BC to the invasion of Britain in 43 AD. It examines the nature, capabilities, limitations, and characteristics of Roman amphibious operations within a framework conceived by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Standard works about Roman sea power lack discussion of this important topic. It will interest scholars of ancient and military history, marine warfare, as well as those in military academies.

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