Dodd, Tony

THE LIFE AND THOUGHT OF SIGER OF BRABANT, THIRTEENTH CENTURY PARISIAN PHILOSOPHER: An Examination of His Views on the Relationship of Philosophy and Theology
1998 0-7734-8477-9
This study represents the first in-depth reexamination in any language for over twenty years of the life and works of Siger of Brabant. Siger might well be described as the first academic scholar to oppose the claims of the Church hierarchy for total overall control of intellectual study and teaching. Initially, he saw his teaching role as explaining the position of the so-called authorities in the area of philosophy. Subsequently, as one of the very few academics of this time who did not move on to Theology, Medicine or Law, he fought for the independence of his faculty and his domain of academic investigation without direct external interference. This brought him into conflict with the Church authorities, leading to his citation in 1277 for alleged heresy, followed by exile and death in Italy.

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