Fudge, Thomas A.

About the author: Thomas A. Fudge holds graduate degrees in theology and a PhD in history from the University of Cambridge. Former Assistant Professor of Religion at Warner Pacific College, he is now lecturer in History at the University of Canterbury in

Daniel Warner and the Paradox of Religious Democracy in 19th Century America
1998 0-7734-8249-0
“Fudge’s work raises important questions and implications for American religious historiography. In the first place his study shifts and enlarges the bi-polar historiography that has dominated the study of American Protestantism, particularly in its conservative and Evangelical forms. . . . demonstrates that other polarities defined the work of significant leaders such as Daniel S. Warner. This in itself makes Fudge’s work an important historiographical step. . . . a solid foundation of thorough acquaintance with the scholarship in the area coupled with careful research in primary source material. Fudge has brought to light fugitive and, in some instances, highly charged materials that bear in important ways on the history of an American religious movement. He handles these materials with unusual sensitivity and a light touch.” – Merle D. Strege

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