Stevens, Sylvia

Dr. Sylvia Stevens gained her Ph.D. from the University of Sunderland in 2005. She is an independent researcher, a member of the Quaker Studies Research Association, and has contributed to the Jouirnal of the Friends Historical Society. She is a member of Norwich Meeting.

2012 0-7734-2909-3
Some of the eighteenth-century Quakers in northeast Norfolk were well-known among Quakers nationally in their time. Others were known regionally, and locally, leaving few printed records of their experiences. This book argues that it is important to restore at least some of these men and women to their places in history. In order to provide a wider base from which to make reassessments about the nature of eighteenth-century Quakerism, and its religious influences, one must learn about the lesser known members. The book uses a local study to investigate the ways in which, within their local and national circumstances, these men and women negotiated the balance between sustaining and witnessing on their beliefs. The study spans a period of English Quaker history that is still under-researched, and examines a wide range of sources, some previously unavailable.

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