Geissler, Suzanne

Jonathan Edwards to Aaron Burr, Jr. From the Great Awakening to Democratic Politics
1981 0-88946-906-7
Defends Heimert's 1966 thesis by viewing Burr as a religious descendant of his Calvinist-New Light grandfather, Jonathan Edwards, and his father, Aaron Burr, Sr.

Price: $199.95

Lutheranism and Anglicanism in Colonial New Jersey: An Early Ecumenical Experiment in New Sweden
1988 0-88946-673-4
The Lutheran Church of Sweden's ministry and mission began in the New World in 1636 with the short-lived colony of New Sweden and continued until 1789, or until about the time that the Swedish Lutheran churches of the Delaware Valley began joining the Episcopal Church (1784-1846). The story of the Swedish churches in colonial America constitutes a fascinating chapter in the history of ecumenical relations in America.

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