Fendler, Susanne

About the author: Susanne Fendler, PhD, is a lecturer in English Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Wurzburg. She wrote her thesis on the emergence of individualism in Renaissance Romances and is currently working on fragments and temporality in English Romantic poetry.

Feminist Contributions to the Literary Canon Setting Standards of Taste
1997 0-7734-8667-4
Essays include: "The Conflict Betwixt Love and Honor" - The Autobiography of Anne, Lady Halkett (Gabriele Rippl) Intertwining Literary Histories: Women's Contributions to the Rise of the Novel (Susanne Fendler) Charlotte Smith and the Romantic Sonnet Revival (Sylvia Mergenthal) The Transformation of a Genre - the Feminist Mystery Novel (Marion Frank) Journey and Gender - Diversity in Travel Writing (Karin Veit) Cyberpunk, Cyborgs and Feminist Science Fiction (Jenny Wolmark)

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Images of Masculinity in Fantasy Fiction
2003 0-7734-6754-8
Since the challenge of feminism to the predominant patriarchal outlook on the world, modern man feels displaced, and a plaintive note has entered the discourse on gender. The problem is not only discussed on an academic level but has become part of popular culture. Role models for men have become as varied as they have been for women since the emergence of feminism. These essays deal with the combined topic of male gender roles and the fantasy genre which allows a particularly wide scope for the investigation of roles.

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