Zhu, Sujin

Zhu Sujin joined the People's Liberation Army in 1969. A former artillery soldier, he became a professional writer at the Nanjing Military Quarters. Although he is acclaimed as a screenwriter, his literary originality is best reflected in the genre of the barrack novel.

Novel About the Chinese People’s Liberation Army: the Third Eye by Zhu Sujin
2010 0-7734-1367-7
The Third Eye was applauded nationwide as a path-breaking story at its publication in 1986. However, Chinese authorities found it provocative and disturbing. The Third Eye received no awards, although it was superior in several ways to Gazing, a national prize winner. Apart from political challenges, The Third Eyeoffers a fresh humanitarian concern for those who attempted to escape from Mao’s China and a truthful portrait of political fear and sexual repression in the People’s Liberation Army during those difficult years. It remains Zhu Sujin’s best fiction and a milestone in PLA Literature. Its significance is unlikely to fade even though the PLA portrayed in the story has long since become an historical artifact.

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