Moore, Steven Troy

Dr. Steven T. Moore received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Nebraska. He currently teaches undergraduate, graduate, and honors courses at Abilene Christian University.

Cry of Black Rage in African American Literature From Frederick Douglass to Richard Wright
2013 0-7734-4077-1
This book examines the contrasting experiences of black rage that is exhibited in the writings of male and female African American authors. It boldly captures the compelling theme of the white silence and the black rage that battled each other from the early days of slavery up to the pre-Civil Rights Movement. It exposes the birth of black rage and the African American experience through such writers as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Ann Jacobs. Next, it gives a painful glimpse into the complicated experience of the biracial in the post-Reconstruction era through the eyes of Charles Chesnutt and Nella Larsen. Finally, this study concludes with an astounding view of the modern state of black rage through the controversial writings of Richard Wright and Ann Petry. Currently, many studies present a one-dimensional analysis of black rage; however, this book provides a comprehensive examination of this phenomenon. From the viewpoint of African American authors, it traces the gender differences of black rage that span one hundred years and includes valuable insights from such brilliant scholars as bell hooks, Cornel West, Barbara Christian, Martha J. Cutter, Deborah E. McDowell, and James Baldwin.

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The Cry of Black Rage in African American Literature from Frederick Douglass to Ta-Nehisi Coates
2020 1-4955-0819-6
This monograph is an expanded edition of Dr. Steven Moore’s The Cry of Black Rage in African American Literature, expanding the scholarly developments to the Age of Trump.

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