Bentley, Steven

Dr. Steven Bentley received his Ph.D from Columbia University. He is presently a fellow of Mellen University lecturing in Jungian Psychology.

The Jungian Archetype -- The Alone: Mapping the Psychological Experience - A Lecture (soft cover)
2019 1-4955-0709-2
This book is about The Alone as an archetypally grounded, and therefore an ontologically inherent constellation of human beings. As archetypally grounded, The Alone has it within it potential for transformation into the inexpressible energy of The Alone/All One which, as All One, inevitably presents itself as a paradox; at once A and not A, not two and not one. The first formulation is Jungian, the second is Zen. In both practices The Alone is central as both as means and as end.

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