Stillwell, Stephen J.

Dr. Stephen J. Stillwell teaches history at the University of Texas at Arlington. After earning master’s degrees from both Simmons and Harvard, he did his doctoral studies at the University of North Texas. As an active librarian and historian, he has served in several capacities in the organizations of both professions. Dr. Stillwell has numerous book reviews, articles and presentations to his credit.

Anglo-Turkish Relations in the Interwar Era
2003 0-7734-6776-9
This volume explores the influence wielded by the British Empire in the council chambers of the League of Nations. Using three separate issues (the Mosul Vilayet, the Maritza Delta, and the Sanjak of Alexandretta), all connected to the establishment of the borders of the new republic of Turkey, this study shows the importance of those decisions in the world today. Those borders now respectively represent the borders between Turkey and Iraq, Greece, and Syria. The placement of the boundaries influenced the division of minority groups between countries, the control of oil fields and pipelines, and maritime access and the domination of potential choke-points. The text has many maps and charts, and a substantial bibliography on interwar British imperial policy and the League of Nations.

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