Chan, Stephen

About the authors: Stephen Chan is Dean of Humanities and Professor in International Relations and Ethics at the Nottingham Trent University. He has published over 17 titles in African and Commonwealth politics and International Relations theory. Craig Cl

Crimson Rain
1991 0-7734-9658-0

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Social Development in Africa Today Some Radical Proposals
1991 0-7734-9637-8
Working for the Commonwealth Secretariat, advising Government Ministries of Social Development and Youth Development on policy and programme strategies to deal with youth unemployment, and training field staff from 1980-1985, Stephen Chan grew disillusioned with the planning orthodoxies of government ministries and international agencies alike. These essays, collected here for the first time, present a spirited rejection of development orthodoxies, while providing thoughtful contributions to the development debate. The text is in two basic parts, one to do with youth and social development, the other with the more general question of development aid which forms a context for any social development.

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Theorising in International Relations Contemporary Theorists and Their Critics
1997 0-7734-8640-2
This volume draws together essays which explore aspects of current theorising in International Relations. Each author expounds thoroughly on the work of a leading theories and examines critically not only the theoretical statement itself, but also the epistemological foundation of it. Theorists examined include: Susan Strange, John Burton, Andrew Linklater, James Der Derian, Mervyn Frost, William Connolly, and Richard Rorty. This book will be a valuable source to students of International Relations at both undergraduate and graduate levels who seek a thorough deconstruction of current theorists.

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Twelve Years of Commonwealth Diplomatic History. Commonwealth Summit Meetings 1979-1991
1992 0-7734-9498-7
The Commonwealth Secretariat was established in 1965 as a means of displacing Britain's central role in the association of her former colonies. Since then it has spearheaded resistance to British policy particularly over Southern Africa. Disagreements between the Commonwealth body and Britain came to a head during Mrs. Thatcher's tenure as British Prime Minister. This book chronicles, summit by summit, the tumultuous confrontations of her era and their importance in the diplomatic history of the Commonwealth.

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Zambia and the Decline of Kaunda 1984-1998
2000 0-7734-7504-4
This collection of essays spans a 15 year period of close observation of Zambia, and its first leader, Kenneth Kaunda. It begins with the 1984 Zambian elections and continues to Kaunda’s accusation of treason by the Chiluba government in 1998. An eyewitness series of events as they happened, the volume is a contemporary chronicle not paralleled elsewhere.

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