Barnett, Snowdon

About the poet: This is Snowdon Barnett’s eighth published book of verse. Dr. Barnett live in West Berkshire, England. He works as a solicitor-advocate and is also a bee-keeper and the maker of rough Cydre.

Hiroshima Hypostasis
1997 0-7734-2811-9
Epic poem envisages the atomic bomb dropped in August 1945 not on Hiroshima but on an imaginary coastal village in the west of England. Consists of a dialogue among four parts of one voice, deliberately avoiding the gore of the blast, concentrating on this being a new beginning, signalling the last of the World Wars.

Price: $39.95

Once in a Blue Moon
2003 0-7734-3480-1
This is a “Millennium Poem” of 1000 lines, and some individual ‘lines’ are little poems in themselves.

Price: $99.95