Treanor, Sister Lucia

Sister Lucia Treanor is an Affiliate Professor of Writing at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI. She is also a member of the Francisan Sisters of the Eucharist. She received a PH.D in Comparative Literature from the Graduate Center of City University of New York.

The Symmetrical Patterning in Franciscan Writings of the Late Middle Ages
2011 0-7734-2535-7
A study of palindromic structures (words or phrases that can be read the same way forwards and backwards) in the works of Bonaventure, Dante, Boccaccio, and the Franciscan writers of the late Middle Ages. Provides the conceptual basis for the use of the palindrome while demonstrating that palindrome was not just an ornamental style of writing, but also a reflection of humanity’s perception of the world. Significant attention has been paid to Franciscan theology as it relates to human endeavors and God’s creation.

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