Pearson, Sharon Clark

About the author: Dr. Sharon Pearson received her PhD from Fuller Theological Seminary. After teaching at Fuller, and Azusa Pacific university, she is currently Adjunct Professor of New Testament at Anderson University, Indiana. She is also an ordained mi

Christological and Rhetorical Properties of 1 Peter
2001 0-7734-7632-6
The hallmark of the composition of 1 Peter is the careful weaving of many types of source material into a tapestry of reassurance. The Christological testimony of 1 Peter is advanced primarily by the use of traditional deposits which have been selected, correlated and arranged by a sufferings/glories pattern derived from the Servant Song of Isaiah 53. They are best seen as a connected series, illumined by the Old Testament background and set in place as hymn-like sections which inspire the obedience and faithful witness required by the parenetic sections which follow. Exodus imagery, viewed through the prism of Deutero-Isaiah’s adaptation of it in Isaiah 53-54, is reapplied in the exhortations of 1 Peter. Further collection of evidence reveals the 1 Peter’s use of Deutero-Isaiah goes well beyond what has been recognized up to now.

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