Appiah-Opoku, Seth

Dr. Seth Appiah-Opoku is Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA. He teaches land use regulation, principles of planning, environmental management, geography of Africa, and a summer abroad course in Ghana. Dr. Appiah-Opoku is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. Dr. Appiah-Opoku serves on the international editorial board of the Journal of Environmental Impact Assessment Review and has published scholarly articles in several renowned journals including Environmental Management, The Environmentalist, Environments, Plan Canada, Environmental Impact Assessment Review, and Indigenous Knowledge and Development Monitor.

Need for Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Impact Assessment: The Case of Ghana
2005 0-7734-6151-5
This book questions and explores the appropriateness of Western models of environmental impact assessment for Third World application. The book also examines Ghana’s environmental impact assessment procedure and the potential role of indigenous knowledge and institutions in the assessment process, based on the results of a field research in Ghana. Finally, the book offers suggestions that could improve Ghana’s environmental impact assessment procedure and facilitate its adoption in other developing countries. this book will be of interest to environmental assessment professionals and students, international development agencies, NGOs, planners, academicians, and policy makers looking for bottom-up and effective ways of incorporating environmental considerations in development projects in developing countries.

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