Gatson, Sarah N.

Sarah N. Gatson is an assistant professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University. In addition to her work on Internet community, she is a collaborator on a project looking at the impact of CMC as it intertwines with Rave and Drug-using subcultures. Her other research interests include gender and US labor policy; the social construction of race, gender, class, community and citizenship at the nexus of law and culture; and the construction of multiracial identity.

Interpersonal Culture on the Internet. Television, the Internet and the Making of a Community
2004 0-7734-6380-1
“Community” is a highly contested concept, and in the milieu of mass media, it is even more highly fraught. The book bolsters our understandings of the substantive processes involved, particularly those of boundary formation, spatial dimensions of communities, and how communities are always both embedded and emerging entities. Finally, it deals with the question of how seamless and/or disruptive the new technology of the Internet is vis-à-vis our traditional practices of community formation and maintenance. Ethnographic in method, and deals with community concepts such as networks, geography, boundaries, and politics.

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