Petrovich, Sandra

About the author: Sandra M. Petrovich is a history instructor at Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, Texas. A member of numerous professional historical societies, she frequently attends conferences both as an observer and a participant.

Henry Morgan’s Raid on Panama - Geopolitics and Colonial Ramifications, 1669-1674
2001 0-7734-7422-6
Henry Morgan and his band of English commission buccaneers went on a raid of reprisal against the Spanish, looting and ultimately destroying one of the richest towns of the new world, Panama City. Morgan and his buccaneers also managed almost to ruin carefully-laid diplomatic plans between England and Spain. Because of their actions, King Charles II created a decisive colonial policy for the Caribbean, something the British had lacked for half a century. “ . . . a solidly researched monograph on a fascinating topic which sheds important light on the colonial experience of the Americas.. . . . Petrovich’s account of the raid is strongly based on the best available evidence and placed in a solid conceptual framework. This book makes a worthwhile addition to the literature on the subject.” – Jonathan Zophy

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