Pyle, Sandra J.

About the author:; Dr. Pyle received her PhD from Duquesne University. She is an instructor of Shakespeare courses, and Associate Director of the 1998 Shakespeare Summer School at Duquesne University.

Mirth and Morality of Shakespeare's Holy Fools
1997 0-7734-8480-9
Demonstrates though textual analysis of seven dramas Shakespeare's adaptation of a medieval character type - the holy fool. Fundamentally, the holy fool's mission is to promote harmony and good will by correcting those personality flaws that impede human community. The identification and development of the holy fool as a viable literary device has led to the discovery of a new motif in Shakespeare's drama - the salvific element of play inherent in the role of holy fool as spiritual physician. They demonstrate how art, particularly drama, proves an indispensable tool for illustrating how personal moral choices impact on a society.

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