Breslauer, S. Daniel Daniel

Dr. Breslauer is a professor emeritus at the University of Kansas in Religious Studies. He received his Ph.D. from Brandeis University.

Charismatic Spirituality of Abraham Joshua Heschel
2011 0-7734-2531-4
This is a reflection on the teachings of Abraham Joshua Heschel, a teacher to an entire generation of rabbis. Breslauer looks at Heschel as an “ethical scholar,” a teacher of both Jewish and non-Jewish traditions, and a Jewish Kabbalah mystic. The book addresses Heschel’s concern that a spiritual crisis existed for all religions. In particular, Breslauer’s examination of Heschel’s development of the “depth-theology” concept to address the spiritual crisis is the central focus of this book. Breslauer draws attention to Hesechel’s use of Jewish tradition and his understanding of God, not as a physical being, but rather as a form of human emotions, to inspire a type of charismatic spirituality which all people can share as an answer to the divine pathos. By looking at the teachings of Heschel, Breslauer offers to the reader a sense of social and personal responsibility to guide them while they have their brief moment on earth.

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Hebrew Poetry of Hayyim Nahman Bialik (1873-1934) and a Modern Jewish Theology
1991 0-7734-9627-0
A study of the writings of Hayyim Nahman Bialik, whose poetic creativity, linguistic sensitivity, and skills as a compiler of tradition and translator into Hebrew fashioned the pillars of the Hebrew revival. His writings provide the key to modern Jewish thinking. This work focuses on Bialik as a thinker who adumbrates the images and responses typical of many modern Jews.

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Meir Kahane Ideologue, Hero, Thinker
1986 0-88946-252-6
Presents the development and increasing political influence of the ideas of Meir Kahane, the most right-wing force in Jewish and Israeli society today. Deals with Kahane's ideas on: the expulsion of Arabs from Israel; liberal forms of Judaism; conversion; intermarriage; Jewish education; and the employment of violence as a legitimate act. Beginning with Kahane's founding of the Jewish Defense League, the volume concludes with his election to the Israeli Parliament and his activities therein.

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New Jewish Ethics
1983 0-88946-700-5
In response to what he views as the most pressing problem for the modern Jew, the conflict between modernity and tradition, Breslauer proposes a model for ethical reflection which espouses neither uncritical acceptance nor individualistic retreat into personal preference.

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