Allen, R.T.

Transcendence and Immanence in the Philosophy of Michael Polanyi and Christian Theism
1992 0-7734-1635-8
This study explores the ways in which Michael Polanyi's philosophy is or is not compatible with, can be used to articulate, or may need to be accommodated to the central doctrines of Christianity, especially in relation to God's transcendence of and immanence within the world. Polanyi's philosophy of knowledge as a tacit integration of clues into a focal whole which mirrors the constitution of comprehensive entities as integrations of level, provides scope for a genuine metaphysics and natural theology. It explains how we can make genuine reference to God who transcends the world, our thoughts and our language. It enables us to articulate our knowledge of God, God's relation to the world, His knowledge of and action within the world, and His being Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, on the analogy of Speaker, Work and Meaning who mutually indwell one another. Similarly it provides a suitable model for understanding the Incarnation, grace and the sacraments.

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