Terranella, Ronald L.

About the author: Dr. Terranella received his PhD in English from the University of Notre Dame. He is currently Professor of English at Marywood University.

Piagetian Epistemology of William Wordsworth. A Reconsideration of the Poet's Genius
1998 0-7734-8294-6
The purpose is to resolve long-standing questions regarding Wordsworth's claim to philosophic consideration. It turns to the modern theoretical premises of empirical psychologist Jean Piaget for clues to a more cogent interpretation. The remarkable parallels between Wordsworth's insights and Piaget's empirical observations give fresh indication of the poet's genius. Piagetian relativism provides a theoretical framework for appreciating elements in his works which have hitherto seemed irreconcilable philosophically: it reveals the presence of system in the poet's thought.

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