Reminick, Ronald A.

Dr. Ronald A Reminick is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Reminick earned his Ph.D. in Psychological Anthropology from the University of Chicago, Illinois.

Addis Ababa -The Evolution of an Urban African Cultural Landscape
2010 0-7734-1387-1
As a relatively new urban landscape, Addis Ababa possesses a rich cultural history that continues to develop today. Drawing on numerous first-person accounts of Addis Ababa from its inception to the present day, as well as the author's own field research, this work traces the development of the city from a military camp to the fastest-growing city in Africa. Careful attention is given to all elements of Addis Ababa, including its people, customs, geography, economy, psychology and its place in global culture. This book presents a holistic and diachronic view of the city and sets the stage for further analysis as the urbanization of Addis Ababa continues to evolve.

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