Melnyk, Roman A.

Roman A. Melnyk completed his JCD/PhD (Canon Law) at the Faculty of Canon Law, Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa.

Vatican Diplomacy at the United Nations: A History of Catholic Global Engagement
2009 0-7734-3881-5
This work examines the international status of the Holy See from 1870-1929, the participation of the Holy See in the early stages of development of UN agencies and the legal status of the Permanent Observer in view of relevant special law and diplomatic law. It also analyzes the development of CIC canons in the process of the revision of the Code of Canon Law, the presence of laity in the context of pontifical representation, the range of involvement of the Holy See in the United Nations, and the work of the Permanent Observer of the Holy See in the context of the mission of the Church.

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