Ellis, Roger

Peter Weiss in Exile a Critical Study of His Works
1987 0-7734-1988-8
This is the first critical study in English of the works of the late Peter Weiss, generally regarded as the most important political dramatist since the death of Bertolt Brecht. It examines Weiss's translated and untranslated writings and the critical controversies and production details associated with his plays. Evaluates his theory and practice as resulting from a study of the post-World War I European avant-garde. Also included is an interview with Weiss's widow, Gunilla Palmstierna-Weiss, a designer who not only collaborated with Weiss on all his productions, but who has had a long and successful career in her own right, working for years with Ingmar Bergman. The book's supporting material includes a number of photos of Weiss's plays.

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