Crownover, Roger

About the author: Dr. Roger Crownover received his PhD in United States Military History from Union Institute, Cincinnati. He is currently Associate Professor in the History/Political Science Department of Madonna University.

The United States Intervention in North Russia - 1918, 1919: The Polar Bear Odyssey
2001 0-7734-7549-4
This volume examines the largely-unknown ‘Polar Bear’ odyssey – the North Russian Expeditionary Forces (made up mostly of soldiers from Michigan) who, along with some other Allied forces, went on fighting in the Russian arctic – supporting the Russian White Army fighting against the Russian Red Army after the war was over. It examines the panic that the Bolshevik Revolution caused in the Allied camp, the pressure that President Wilson received from the British to participate in the intervention, the reaction in Detroit, the local Red Scare, and the aftermath of the soldiers and the political ramifications.

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