Hindery, Roderick

About the author: Roderick Hindery taught from 1968-1997 as a professor in social and comparative ethics in the Religious Studies Departments of Temple University, California State University and Northridge and Fullerton, and Arizona State University, where he remains Adjunct Professor. His main publications include the seminal book, Comparative Ethics in Hindu and Buddhist Traditions, and many papers and essays about comparative religious ethics and social issues.

Indoctrination and Self-Deception or Free and Critical Thought?
2001 0-7734-7407-2
This work is centered on three levels. First, it illustrates the contemporary pervasiveness of indoctrination and ideology. Second, it correlates the successful resistance to them with the intensity by which persons affirm not simply ideas, but experiences of self, freedom, love and critical thinking. Third, its approach, which is philosophical, differs from conventional studies by creatively examining the affective and ‘conversational’ dynamics.

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