Zimmerman, Robert L.

Dr. Robert L. Zimmerman taught philosophy at both Rutgers University and Sarah Lawrence College, where he was the Rauschenbush Professor of Philosophy. He has written extensively on nineteenth and twentieth centuries’ continental philosophy. Dr. Zimmerman earned his B.A. from Brooklyn College and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from New York University.

Kantianism of Hegel and Nietzsche
2005 0-7734-5996-0
The present study renovates the standard narrative of how German philosophy progressed from Kant to Hegel to Nietzsche. It rejects the long-held assumption that Hegel and Nietzsche overturn Kantian metaphysics and aesthetics. It instead demonstrates, through clear and insightful discussions, the very particular manners in which Hegel and Nietzsche, in regard to questions of truth, value, and beauty, renovate and bring to fruition these three key aspects of Kant’s Critical Philosophy.

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