Musante, Robert J. III

Robert J. Musante, III is an internationally published poet and instructor of English at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is finishing his Doctor of Arts in English at MTSU, and he specializes in poetry and prose of the Romantic and Modernist eras in British literature. Also, he has completed an international studies program at Salzburg University in Austria where he studied German language and culture.

Touching Earth and Spirit
2002 0-7734-3563-8
These sonnets explore the undeniable powers of spirit in nature. Some powers are peaceful while others prove antagonistic to animal life and human life. In some cases, spirit manifests itself in revelatory or realistic experiences. The new version of the book has four additional sonnets that address visions, death and the afterlife--themes that resonate in groups of sonnets throughout the book.

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