Ruiz, Reynaldo

About the author: Reynaldo Ruiz is a professor and translator. He has published numerous essays on Chicano/a, Latin American, and Peninsular literature. He received his PhD from the University of New Mexico. His first novel - Encuentro con Estanislao Eckermann – set in his native New Mexico, will be followed with a sequel, Buenos habitos y malas lenguas. Currently he teaches at Eastern Michigan University.

Hispanic Poetry in Los Angeles 1850-1900 La Poesía Angelina
2000 0-7734-7747-0
This anthology features poems published in Spanish-language newspapers during the years 1850-1900, now accessible only in microfiche. The anthology has an 85 page introduction (in English) that briefly presents the major literary tendencies in Spain, Latin America, and Mexico during those years. This literary history serves to demonstrate how the Angelino poetry followed these major paradigms and how it evolved and became a unique poetry. To complement the historical survey, a brief description of the social environment in Los Angeles is included. In addition, a short presentation on how the Spanish printing press and newspapers evolved in America is presented to show how these two processes contributed to the literary and cultural background of this ethnic group. The newspapers include: La Estrella, El Clamor Público, La Crónica, El Aguacero, La Reforma, El Eco de la Patria, El Demócratica, El Eco Mexicano, Spanish American Review, and La Unión

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