Jones, Peter Russell

About the author: Peter Russell Jones read history at St. John’s College, Cambridge, and trained for the ministry of the Anglican church at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Since ordination in 1975, he has been continuously engaged in parochial ministry. After pursuing research in patristic theology, he lectured part-time in early church history at the University of Wales, Bangor. He is Vicar of Conwy and also Canon Treasurer of Bangor Cathedral.

Epistle of Jude as Expounded by the Fathers - Clement of Alexandria, Didymus of Alexandria, the Scholia of Cramer’s Caterna, Pseudo-Oecumenius, and Bede
2001 0-7734-7402-1
This work provides in English translation what survives of commentary upon the Epistle of Jude from the first millennium of the Christian church. Five texts feature: the relevant portion of Clement of Alexandria’s Hypotyposes, and the commentaries of Didymus (the Blind) of Alexandria, Pseudo-Oecumenius, and the Venerable Bede. With these is included the scholia, extracts from other no longer extant works, published by Dean Cramer in his catena of the Greek Fathers on Jude. Each translated text is provided with notes, and the whole is prefaced by two chapters which place these commentators in their historical context and compare their handling of the material.

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